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Simple South Indian Potato Pepper Chicken

May 07, 2021 1 Comment

This particular dish has always been a part of our family's Sunday ritual. Growing up my mom use to make this as part of our Sunday lunch. Usually in south Indian families it is sort of tradition that meat based food is saved for the weekends. So an extra care and sense of celebration goes into this dish and it had always been something that I was looking forward to when I was a kid.  This recipe is spicy but addictive at the same time. It is so tasty that you would make this as your Sunday ritual

Serves - 4

Spice level - Medium Hot

Skip potato to make it keto friendly


tsp - teaspoon

tbsp - tablespoon

Items Quantity In Numbers

Chicken sliced in small pieces

(Legs with bones tastes best)

500 g


2 full legs bone or bone less

or 2 1/2 breast(stir fry cuts)

Onion fine chopped 250 g or 1 cup Usually 2 medium sized
Tomato chopped 180 g or 3/4 cup Usually 1 1/2 medium sized

The one curry


1 1/4  tbsp
Salt 3/4 tbsp
Garlic crushed/grated 15 g or 1 tbsp 1 tbsp



 15 g or 1tbsp 1 tbsp
Oil 60 ml 4 tbsp
Potato 1 inch cubes

120 g

1 medium sized potato
Black Pepper 1 1/4 tbsp (medium hot)


Butter 15g 1 tbsp
Fresh chopped Cilantro 

5 g


1/4 cup
Cooking cream or Coconut Cream

50  ml

3 tbsp


Preparation :

The Base:

  1. Take a curved or curved/flat bottomed pot/pan and bring it to a medium flame and add 60 ml oil of your choice.
  2. Usually garam masala spices(cardamom, cloves, cinnamon) are added but our 'one curry' has all of that so add a 1/2 tsp of 'The One Curry' Masala 
  3. And 1/2 tsp of black pepper and give it a mix 
  4. Add chopped onion and sauté till it turns gold brown
  5. Add the crushed/grated ginger and garlic and sauté for a minute
  6. Add all the tomatoes give it a bit of stir for a minute

The Masala:

  1. Add 1 1/4  tbsp of 'THE ONE CURRY' masala
  2. Add 1/2  tbsp black pepper for mild or 2 tbsp for hot
  3. Add 3/4 tbsp salt (adjust per liking)
  4. Give it a good mix
  5. Add a little bit of water to avoid burning
  6. Bet it smells good!!
  7. Keep sautéing till the entire mixture turns nice and soft for about 2-3 mins
  8. Tomato Test: You should now see the tomatoes completely turned soft and mushy

The Main:

  1. Add the potatoes and give it a good mix and let it sit in the mix for 2 minutes
  2. Add all the chicken and give it all an awesome mix so the chicken gets coated well. Make sure you don't break the potatoes while doing so
  3. Let all sit together for about 2 mins
  4. Add water. The quantity of water you add should be in the same level of the entire mix at this point (about 1 1/4 cup)
  5. Salt and heat Test: Do a final salt and heat test and add salt or black pepper as per your liking.
  6. Bring the flame to high and let it come to a nice boil.
  7. If you have lemon just give the mixture one tiny squeeze if not that's ok too.

The Simmering:

  1. As soon as you see entire gravy boiling close the pot with the lid(Leave a tiny gap for the steam to escape) and reduce the flame to simmer for 25 mins. Give it a couple of stirs in between the 25 mins to make sure the bottom doesn't burn and put the lid back on.
  2. After 25 mins of slow cooking remove the lid and bring to a medium flame let it boil for another 3-5 mins until the entire water content reduces to 60% of its initial level. ( It should have turned thicker and oil should separate out)
  3. Meat Test: Take a piece of chicken and bite into it. It should be fall apart easily. If not let it boil for 2 more mins
  4. Consistency test: The gravy should not be runny. It should be in the consistency of a thick cream. If not let it boil for some more time or adjust based on your liking.
  5. Add a spoon of butter (optional)
  6. Add cilantro leaves
  7. Traditionally the curry is served here. But it would be a bit punchy and spicy so add cream as mentioned below or try both ways.
  8. Add 50 ml coconut cream or 50 ml cooking cream of table cream(18%) or 30 ml of half and half(35%) and let it boil for another 2-3 mins enjoy. (You can increase or decrease the cream level as per your liking).

Enjoy with Rice or Parotta or Naan bread!

1 Response


July 27, 2021

I tried this recipe using the Pestle and Pods masala and was very impressed with the dish. I am not a very good cook but chicken turned out to be quite tasty in my first attempt. The various flavours in the chicken felt authentic and were very delightful.
I am now excited to experiment more dishes with this masala! :)

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