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One Spice Blend for all your curry needs

Let's face it we all love curry but making a delicious curry can be daunting due to complex usage of spices and the process of making it. We have solved these both problems with 'THE ONE CURRY' and our 'BMMS method' so now with just your regular pantry items and 'THE ONE CURRY' masala blend you can make a delicious curry not just once but every single time.

How it works:

Get 'THE ONE CURRY' --> Pick a recipe --> Let's get cooking.

Yes as simple as that. The one curry masala blend is made with hand picked high quality natural spices mixed in the perfect proportions, slow roasted and coarse ground to give you that authentic flavour of India.

But if you are already well versed in spices or have experience in making curry use this as a regular curry masala in your cooking and it would give you the authentic flavour unlike the store bought powders. 


Coriander seeds,Cumin seeds,Turmeric, Curry Leaves, Fennel Seeds, Cardamom,Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Bay leaf, Maze,Nutmeg, Red Chili.