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My name is Prem and this is my wife Delphine and our little bundle of mischief Eian we are the founders of Pestle & Pods Inc.

We moved from Incredible India to the beautiful little city of Ottawa where we started our lives together. Among many things a good authentic tasting homemade curry was something that we missed a lot in the west and the store bought curry powders/paste where just not the same and many were just filled with fillers like onion, ginger and garlic powders or additives or it was just too westernized. Traditionally in India we never use curry powder(filler powders + some spices) and every family makes their own curry masalas(slow roasted and ground whole spices) for their curry which gives that authentic taste. So we always ended up buying whole spices roasting and grinding them fresh and used it for our curries like how our family used to do it back in India.

Whenever we had friends over for dinner we got a lot of interest over our masala  This led us sharing our masala and recipes with them which eventually gave birth to the idea of simplifying the curry making process by coming with a one stop  traditional curry masala blend and recipes so anyone can make different authentic tasting curries at home from the scratch without having to worry about having all the necessary spices.

After months of bugging the old family members for recipes, crafting and tasting with love and care we created the 'THE ONE CURRY' and recipes so anyone can now make an healthy authentic tasting curry at home with just regular pantry items.

Curry has been around for thousands of years, though packed with exploding flavors and healthy spices it is one of the most underrated dishes. This is partly because of the stigma associated with curry being spicy or some having a lingering smell or just the complexity of making it. We wanted to break all these stigma by creating a spice blend that had the right amount of heat, pleasant aroma and steps for making a delicious curry and bring it to the world so everyone can easily learn and enjoy the awesomeness of this wonderful dish.  And we believe we have made justification to the above statement with ‘THE ONE CURRY’ Spice blend.

Thus our journey started to encourage home cooking and live a healthy life by creating 100% Natural, Vegan, Additives/Filler free Spice and Latte blends. Since the beginning of this journey we started concentrating more on home cooked meals everyday trying out different cuisines and dishes. By doing so we we started noticing that we were not only spending less but also started feeling wonderful and even lost a couple of pounds in the process. And wanted to share the same with the world so everyone can enjoy  home cooking. We believe just by knowing what exactly goes into your plate can go a long way health-wise.

Expanding into Superfoods

Coming from the same ethos was the Turmeric Latte. Affected by COVID personally this drink was the savior. Packed with anti inflammatory properties and other immense immune benefits this turmeric milk was something that we grew up with back in India. But the turmeric lattes in the market was just simply overprized and just didn't taste any good. So we created our very own GOLDEN CRUSH Latte with the most premium high quality organic turmeric that actually taste like the real deal. Why take pills when you can enjoy it as a tasty beverage that provides you with all the immense benefits.?

We are not stopping here, but moving all over the world to bring some of the best available superfoods to get you healthier in the most natural way as possible. So come join us in this journey of wellness.

Prem, Angie &  Little Eian