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Simple Butter Chicken

May 14, 2021

Serves - 4

Spice level - Mild


tsp - teaspoon

tbsp - tablespoon

Items In g In Numbers

Chicken (Stir fry cut)

350 g


Onion fine chopped 150 g Usually 1 medium sized
Tomato chopped/puree 500 g Usually 4 
medium sized
Cashew 50 g 1/2 cup
Lemon juice 5ml 1 tsp

The one curry


25 g 1 1/4 tbsp
Garlic crushed/grated/blended 30 g 2 tbsp



 30 g 2 tbsp
Oil 30 ml 2 tbsp
Butter 45 ml 4 tbsp
Sugar 15g 1 tbsp
Cooking cream (18%)
40 ml 3 tbsp
Fenugreek leaves

1 g


1 tbsp


Pre Prep Needs :


To the chicken add 1/4 tbsp salt and 1/2 tbsp 'The One Curry' Masala (and 1/2 tbsp red chilli powder or paprika if like a bit of heat).

Add half of ginger and garlic paste

Add the lemon and mix it well and let it rest for 15 mins.

Frying the chicken:

After 15 mins heat a pan add 2 tbsp oil and fry the chicken pieces till you see a bit of charring. Once you see nice even charring around the chicken turn off the stove and transfer the chicken to a plate/bowl.

Preparation :

The Base:

  1. Heat up the same pan on a medium flame and add 2 tbsp butter
  2. Now add all the onions till it turns golden brown
  3. Add the rest of the ginger and garlic paste
  4. Add the tomato pieces or puree
  5. Give it all a nice mix with a bit of water to avoid burning

The Masala:

  1. Add 1 1/4 tbsp of 'The One curry' masala
  2. Add 1/2 tbsp chilli powder if you like it a bit hot or skip it if you like it mild
  3. Add 1 tsp salt
  4. Add 1 tbsp sugar 
  5. Give it a good mix
  6. Add a cup of water
  7. Keep sautéing till the entire mixture turns nice and soft for about 2-3 mins
  8. Add the cashews and give it all a good mix and wait till the mixture becomes nice and soft
  9. Tomato Test: You should now see the tomatoes completely turned soft.
  10. Turn off the stove and let the mixture rest for few minutes to cool down.
  11. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and blend it using a hand blender or blend it in a regular blender( Make sure the entire mixture is completely cool down if you using a regular blender or else you will end painting your walls). You can skip to 'The main' section if you don't have a blender just that the sauce won't be smooth but would still taste fantastic.
  12. Now run the mixture through a sifter and strain out into a smooth sauce.

The Main:

  1. Heat the same pan again and add the smooth base sauce
  2. Add 2 tbsp butter
  3. Add the pan fried chicken into the mix
  4. And give it all a nice mix and increase the flame so it all comes to a boil

The Simmering:

  1. As soon as you see entire gravy boiling close the pot with the lid and reduce the flame to simmer(between medium and sim) for 10 mins. Give it a couple of stirs in between the 10 mins to make sure the bottom doesn't burn and put the lid back on.
  2. Remove the lid after 10 mins. Add the table cream and let it boil for another 3 mins ( You can adjust the cream as per your liking)
  3. Garnish with some Fenugreek leaves.


Enjoy with Rice or Naan bread!!

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