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Gingerbread Reishi - Superfood Latte Blend

Rediscover your inner peace this cold season with each sip of our ginger-hugged, reishi kissed (Candian grown adaptogenic mushroom) ginger-bread latte

No Added Sugar | Vegan | Minimal Caffeine(from Raw Cacao) | No Additives or Preservatives


High source of Flavonoids from Raw Cacao, Polysaccharides from Reishi, and deliciousness from Organic Ginger Cinnamon and Cloves

High level of antioxidants that help reduce stress | Provides steady energy without jitters | Promotes Calmness


Organic Raw Cacao Powder,   Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Cardamom, Organic Ginger,   Organic Cinnamon,  Organic Cloves

Poudre de cacao cru biologique, champignon Reishi biologique, cardamome bio, gingembre biologique, cannelle biologique, clous de girofle biologiques

*allergen information


25 cups | 70 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephanie Brannigan
1000% Recommend!!!!

Ok, so I absolutely LOVE turmeric latte and didn't know if anything could top it, but WOW..!!! The gingerbread reishi latte is the ultimate comfort beverage for me, and it feels totally guilt free because of how packed with nutrition it is!! The full bodied flavor, and the balance of each of the ingredients has truly been perfected. I can't wait to share this with friends!

So delicious! What a great gift to get for the holidays

Such a delicious combo of cacao and spices with reishi! A real treat with benefits! Nice to have a festive drink with health benefits :)

Ruba Saleh

I love a good hot chocolate especially when it's actually good for you!!
Love that it contains reishi, you can't even taste it but I sure feel the benefits. A great treat!