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February 19, 2022

1/Serves - 4

Spice level - Hot


tsp - teaspoon

tbsp - tablespoon

 Ingredients Quantity In Numbers
Chicken Thighs with Skin 500 g 2 full legs
Chick & Jerk Seasoning 5 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Salt  1/2 tbsp


Step1: The Rub

Part 1:

  1. Make some slits all over the chicken thighs 
  2. Rub the jerk seasoning, salt, lime juice all over the chicken, under the skin and set it aside for 30 mins if in hurry or even better if you leave it for a few hours. (You could also a couple spoons of yogurt to the above if you have it as it helps in tenderizing) 


Step 2: GRILL

In Conventional Oven

  1. Apply some oil in a baking tray and spread the chicken skin side up.
  2. Heat up the oven in bake mode at 400 F and cook for 35 mins. Make sure you base the chicken with the juice it releases a couple of times in between(very important).
  3. Turn on to low Broil and boil it for 3 mins till you see some nice charring on the chicken. 



In BBQ Grill:

Heat up the grill to 400F and cook 20 mins on one side and 20 mins on the other till you see nice charring on the skin constantly rubbing some oil and the left over marinade.

Finally sprinkle some of the jerk seasoning on the chicken and enjoy!

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